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Friday, October 8, 2010

Great News and Launches from RES Software Celebrated at Citrix Synergy!

The news were many - and really exciting! Here are som "Key Highlights" from the Launch at Citrix Synergy 2010, Berlin:

A complete cross platform management solution for FlexCast and the entire user environment: One tool to rule them all!
  • RES Workspace Manager: Workspace Personalization & Composition, ZeroProfile, FollowMe with Context-Awareness, Administration and Security for the Dynamic Desktop
  • RES Automation Manager: Task Automation, Resource Provisioning, Service Orchestration and Self-Service for the Dynamic Datacenter
Need a small car, stretched limo or plane to meet the users individual needs?  Citrix FlexCast and RES Dynamic Desktop Studio allow Just-in-Time automated and dynamic workspace delivery - using the optimal vehicle based on the real-time context and need of the user.

Reverse Seamless Applications and Services for integrating local and virtual desktops into ONE workspace for the user. Put the X-Factor into VDI with VDX - enjoy the best of both worlds seamlessly integrated. RES and Citrix support you in thick and thin!

From Wow to How: Model, Methodology and Tools for a Step-by-Step transformation of the Desktop environment and implementation of Virtual Desktops
  • Desktop Sampler, Workspace Designer and Workspace Model

Together with all the great news from Citrix, this will enable you to move away from traditional static & device centric solutions. We empower flexible user-centric and context-aware computing experiences for end-users, and simplified complexity and management for IT.

Manage the complete user environment for local and virtualized desktop solutions through one User Workspace Management solution.

Embrace change: The Virtual and Dynamic Desktop Revolution is here!

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Congratulations Citrix - All stars and planets seems to be aligned for a great future!

Remember to check out the New RES Software:

Press Release for the Launch of RES Dynamic Desktop Studio: RES Software Introduces Dynamic Desktop Studio at Citrix Synergy Berlin 2010

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