Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poll - If using Virtual Desktop (VDI) solutions; Do you still need access to applications installed on your local computer?

You can also access the poll here: http://linkd.in/gLxEOI

If the answer is YES - VDX is a solution worth checking out. You can get a free evaluation of the solution that lets you combine Virtual Desktops and local applications here: http://www.reverseseamless.com

Check out the YouTube movie on installing VDX in 3 minutes:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Road to Dynamic IT - A Whiteboard Session on Context-Aware Dynamic Desktops and Automation

The Road to Dynamic IT through a Whiteboard Journey discussing how Making the Desktop Dynamic can add value to your business.

Developing from a static and device centric IT infrastructure to a service centric approach will empower your IT organization to deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS).

Using the Whiteboard this presentations discusses how RES Dynamic Desktop Studio with Automation Manager and Workspace Manager can help you on this journey - and at the same time address the constant struggle and conflict between IT and End Users.

It is recommended to view this video in HD

How can Dynamic Desktops and Automation provide value in your organization?