Monday, May 30, 2011

Citrix Synergy 2011 - San Francisco

SYN1124_0410 by citrixsynergy
SYN1124_0410, a photo by citrixsynergy on Flickr.

Thank you for Empowering the Virtual Desktop Revolution Mark!

And thanks for another successful & inspiring Synergy. You really deserve an award as well, and I am very happy to present you with this token of our appreciation.

Like many other partners we at RES Software have our dedication to developing great business together with you in the era of 3-PC. You are evangelizing and inspiring the world through your passion and dedication - and the Pulpit Rock back home in Norway where I come from is a great icon that comes to my mind. Joined by the Kjerag bolt nearby illustrating your Rock Solid foundation for the personal cloud and bridging the personal, private & public cloud. (And personally I think this evolution rock´s).

We believe we are stronger together, and that our joint value proposition can help customers to easier and faster transformation at lower cost – and a transformation with great tools that delivers predictable outcome with less risk. The future is virtual and dynamic workspaces for all users and a service centric delivery approach for IT. We believe the mission of IT is to delight and protect. Empower employees and protect the interests of the organization! Lets start with why and together we will make IT possible!

Thanks for your partnership!

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